Our products bring you the unique taste of West African. We are dedicated to sharing our rich culture, heritage and diversity through our love for food. We hope to bring West Africa to the world, one taste at a time. We offer you carefully created drinks and condiments that either take you back the memory lane or introduce you to the unique taste of West Africa. You can shop our products by visiting our store.


We spent countless hours trying to recreate drinks we grow up knowing and loving. It’s been a long journey but we are finally here and excited to share them with you. We still remember the day we tried the winning Chapman recipe, it felt like we had won an Olympic gold medal. With shouts of joy and teary eyes, we celebrated, hi-fived and hugged each other. The recipe was finally here and we all approved.


We can be quite particular about food and often times we have to eat with a spicy sauce on the side of the plate to add a little oomph to the flavour. We decided to do a little experiment and in one take (we kid you not) we came up with the scotch bonnet hot sauce. It’s perfect for anything! As a dip, as a marinade, in a sandwich or burger, you name it and it is possible. We hope you love it as much as we do, some of us just sit down and lick the whole thing.


We love tea, there is nothing like a hot cup of freshly brewed tea. We are tempted to say on a cold rainy day but who are we kidding? For us, on any day! Quite interestingly, we love different types of tea. One loves the good old black tea, another is in love with flavoured tea.